" Your pets have unique and rather profound insights into your life.

It is a fascinating experience listening to their input."

"Our pets are part of our family, not to mention our best friends. When there is something worrying them it is not unusual for them to behave unusually, and sometimes there just seems to be no understanding between our pet and what we require of them.

There are some questions that arise frequently due to the nature of our desire to co-exist with our non human family. I have listed some of the most common below as they may be of help. "

Frequently Asked Questions on Animal Behaviour

Q. Why does my pet seem depressed? He has been very withdrawn and more anxious. The vet can't find anything wrong. What will I do?

A. After checking things out with the vet, look at what is going on in your own life. Some pets are sensitive to changes, problems or stress within the home. Telepathically, tell them not to worry about you. All humans have problems. They are not to take on your issues or any responsibility for changes in the household. Often they have an intuition about situations that are happening and have no way to tell you. Learn to listen to your pet. Many of them know the answers to your problems.

Q. I can't get over the grief and guilt I feel when my young cat died suddenly. It has been over a year and I am still very depressed about the situation. Can I communicate with him? Is he OK? Does he know what happened?

A. Yes you can communicate with your pet in Spirit. The easiest way for pets to communicate is in your dreams. Set your intention to 'visit' them or invite them to visit you, during the night. All pets that have passed on (no matter how it happened) are very happy when living in this other dimension/world. They have told me many times about the lives they had with their carers/ mummy and daddy. Yes they re-incarnate and seem to know a lot more about the grand cycles of life then we 'remember'. An animal communication session is a special way to ask questions and get answers from your Spirit pet. It really helps with grief and other painful feeling of loss. It also opens the door wide to continue to feel and stay connected to your precious pet.

Q. My dog barks constantly when I leave home. Neighbours complain. What can I do?

A. The dog could be bored or anxious. I have simple techniques to settle animals and stop the compulsive barking. Animals also need to be told how upsetting this is. We also need to find out what is causing this situation.

Q. My cat urinates in the house. How can I stop him?

A. Firstly make sure there is nothing physically wrong. Then silently tell your cat that the behaviour is stinky, filthy, germ ridden, unacceptable and he should only ever pee outside or in his tray. While saying this tighten your pelvic floor muscles so the cat knows the area of the body you are talking about. There is usually a situation in the home that is bothering an animal that needs to be addressed.

Q. My dog is old and very sick. How will I know when he is suffering too much and I need to put him down? I love him so much I don't want to do it before he is ready.

A. An animal communication session can help determine how much pain he is in. It is also very comforting to have a deep conversation before he passes.

Q. How can I stop my dog/cat from running on the road?

A. As you hold an image of the road in your minds eye, silently explain the danger and possible death if he continues to run on the road. '(Your life with us will be over forever!)'

Q. I worry about my animals whenever I go on vacation. They get very miserable and act strangely when I get home.

A. Make sure your animals are minded by someone you trust. Silently tell your animals how long you will be gone. Think of them while you are away and send them love (not worry) and they will stay connected with you and not feel so much stress.

Q. I work long hours and I am thinking of getting another dog/cat to keep my pet company.

A. Not all pets want to share their home. Silently ask your pet if he does. Let your pet be part of the choosing of your new animal. At the very least make sure you tell your pet that you are getting a new friend for him.

Q. My pet is lost. How can I find him.

A. Apart from the usual methods, visualize a path of white light from your home to an image of your pet in your minds eye. Make sure when you do it you are not sending worry or fear. Stay centered in your love for your animal.

Q. I have a pet from the pound. She is very nervous around men and runs and hides when anyone raises their voice.

A. She has obviously been abused. Most importantly make sure you tell her (silently) that this is her new home and she will never be abandoned or hurt again. It really helps an animal to express their past pain. It allows their true personality to be revealed and releases the trauma.

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