Finding Lost Pets


Are You Desperately Searching for a Lost Pet?

When a pet disappears it can be a very stressful time. After doing a good first search and then doing all standard things - contact neighbours,vets, pounds, posters up, Facebook etc. You may sense or feel the need for extra assistance. If so, see below for what you need to email me. I will promptly respond and we can set up a time ASAP.

I take around two hours preparation tuning into your pet, looking through their eyes for visual clues and listening to their story, getting as much information as I can. Then, I do a thorough google map search. After this preparation, we have our appointment. Animals have a deep electro – magnetic connection to the earth and to you. If you can stay calm when you talk to you lost pet telepathically, it can help them to locate you. They can find their way home or tell you where they are. However, sometimes their destiny will take another 'path.'


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Preparing for the Session

Requirements for Lost Pet session Payment needs to be made the day before appointment - as preliminary work is undertaken before scheduled appointment.

1. Prior to proceeding with the session I will need a recent photo of your missing pet and also photo of it's main carer/owner (not necessarily recent).

2. Before the scheduled appointment, time is needed for me to:

  • Meditate and tune into your pet, allowing any visual, auditory and telepathic information to be received
  • Utilise internet maps to ascertain home address, and if necessary the location from which the pet disappeared.
  • Maps will also be helpful in following any directions telepathically given by your pet.

Booking a Treatment

Payment of $275 is required on booking. This includes approximately 2 hours of research & preparation before the appointment, and approximately one hour call/skype time.

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