Talking with Departed Pets

The Unanswered Questions

Pets will pass on and drop their physical body. The pain of this loss for their carers is often overwhelming, whether a pet's death is sudden or expected. I have found that Spirit Pets are well aware of the 'life and death journey,' much more so than we are. Animals remember the great cycles of re incarnation and consciously choose at a soul level, the environment, carers, and general situations for their experience. They too are evolving in their unique way, just as we are. Interspecies change is very rare, however it does happen.

Telepathically talk to you Spirit Pet. Before you sleep, ask them to visit you in dreams. Be aware of the signs, smells, sensations and sounds. They will try to manifest their energy in some way around you. It is not necessary to believe in this. Just be open. I have heard from many Spirit Pets are truths from that other world/dimension that resonate in a profound and mind blowing way. The comfort of hearing answers to unanswered questions. The reassurance your pet really knows how much love you have for them. This type of session can help you and your pet in ways that are impossible to define in words.


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